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During the 49th International Diagnostic Course Davos, March 26-30, 2017, the participants will attend 20 different workshops which cover the current medical imaging approach to the diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases. During this course, interventional techniques will also be discussed. The instruction will be in groups of approximately 50-60 participants.

The target audience of this year's musculoskeletal radiology course includes:
- Radiologists / Nuclear Physicians
- Radiology / Nuclear Medicine residents and fellows
- Interested clinicians
- Radiology technicians with advanced competences / interests

Course objectives:
1. Teach the participants effective approaches in analysing diagnostic imaging challenges in patients with musculoskeletal disorders
2. Allow participants in guided self study to recognize key imaging features of various diseases
3. Teach participants in which settings which imaging examination is most effective
4. Offer participants to interact with top international experts in the field of musculoskeletal imaging

Typically, a workshop consists of some introductory remarks on musculoskeletal radiology by the teacher, self-study of the case material for 15-30 minutes and discussion of the cases with the teacher in the remaining time. The teachers guide through the cases, discuss different diagnoses, present additional material and ask pertinent questions to participants.

In addition, there are Highlight and Special Lectures presented daily by senior experts on "hot topics", new developments or political issues in radiology or associated sciences.

Film Reading Panel is a diagnostic competition open to all participants and teachers, based on selected cases with answers. Quiz answers need to be handed in prior to the Film Reading Panel. Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the best answers.

The case viewing is supported by a special software, uniquely developed for IDKD and drawing from the extensive expertise with electronic teaching accumulated by IDKD over the last years.
As in the past few years, USB sticks with all cases for review during the workshops will be distributed to every participant on site.

In 2017, IDKD will no longer provide the opportunity of renting a laptop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops (PC or Mac) to view cases. 220V electric outlets will be available in the classrooms. Please make sure, that you have tested the IDKD Software on your computer before the Course.

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The Teachers will have an opportunity to conduct surveys, and the participants - to vote.
In order to participate in polls we recommend that you install a QR code reader for your smartphone.
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For iPhone: download QR code reader from the Apple Store or Google Play for free.

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